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if captivating and inspiring your audience sounds awesome, but you’re struggling with

•what to say •organizing your ideas

•making it all clear and compelling

…you’ve come to the right place. I’ll teach you how to create a message that grows out of your unique experience, vision and purpose. 

Then, I’ll show you how to deliver it in a way that feels authentic and powerful.

Stand up. Be great. The world needs nothing less.

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speech coaching

Clarify, craft and deliver an inspiring message. I'll guide you through every step of the process, from brainstorming and developing your initial idea to delivery so that you can step on stage with confidence.

video feedback

Improve your presentation using video. If you’ve got a recording of yourself giving a talk, I’ll provide comments and suggestions on how to make your content, organization and delivery clearer and more powerful.

slide critique

Create a PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck that captivates. Send me your slides and I'll give you detailed feedback on how you can improve the text, images and overall style to achieve better engagement.

story bank

Be prepared with a good story. I’ll help you create a collection of stories that you’ll be ready to tell at a moment’s notice, suitable for a variety of topics, situations and audiences.

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"Nancy has helped me greatly.  I was able to bring my topics for brainstorming as well as get solid professional input and feedback.   She reaffirmed my natural ability while helping me develop my technical skills in a safe environment. To do anything great you really need to apply yourself, and Nancy allows safe space through her dynamic and interactive coaching to do just that, with both compassion and accountability. "

—Angie Conn, Speaker/Survivor/Mentor

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"Nancy helped me bring my presentation to life with colorful stories and techniques to capture the audience's attention. Sometimes my passion for education allows me to give my audience too many details. Nancy assisted me in recognizing which details actually help my presentation compared to those that hinder my delivery. Nancy is an amazing speech coach and her services are invaluable."

—Tonjala Eaton, Educator and Author

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"I didn’t even know where to start.... So I got in contact with Nancy, and it was a really pleasant and productive experience. We talked about every aspect…. I can say that her coaching was essential for me to be able to create an excellent presentation.  I highly recommend Nancy, without a doubt. I consider her very professional, and she really knows how to organize and work together with others.”

—Raquel Bronstein, Educator

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