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I’ll analyze a video of you giving a speech and provide comments and suggestions for improvement.  I’ll cover your content, organization, delivery and slides.

PRODUCT PRICE: Regular rate for up to 30 minutes of footage: $115.  I offer a sliding scale to human trafficking survivors and their allies, as well as some non-profits.

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Recording yourself speaking and getting feedback is one of the best ways to develop your skills as a speaker!  I’ll analyze your video on three levels:

1. Content and Organization. You want to get your message across in the most clear and powerful way possible. Therefore, I’ll evaluate how well you connect to your audience with the correct use of details and stories,  explain your points in a clear and concise manner and whether you help your audience follow along by using a logical progression from one point to the next.

2.  Delivery. Research shows that audiences form an opinion of a speaker within the first 7 seconds.  During those initial moments it’s all about delivery. I’ll look at your posture, energy, use of voice, gestures, movement, and eye contact.  

3.  Slides/Visuals. The visuals you use in your presentation and how you use them are equally important.  I’ll give you feedback on the overall “look” of your slides as well as suggestions regarding specifics, like photos, color, language and layout.  I’ll also consider if the way that you are using those slides is enhancing or hindering your overall performance.


To get a video analysis, first add this service to your cart with the button above and then pay with PayPal.

Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I’ll send you some questions about your presentation, e.g., who was your audience and what was the requested topic? Send me a link to your video along with the answers to these questions, and I’ll respond within 10 days with a Word doc that provides detailed feedback and suggestions about how you can improve your presentation.

Please note that I’ll need to be able to access your video online, vs. downloading it to my own computer.  If it’s not already online, you can easily upload it to YouTube or a Facebook page.

If you are interested in the sliding scale option, please get in touch here.