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Create a collection of stories that you’ll be ready to tell at a moment’s notice, suitable for a variety of topics, circumstances and audiences.

PRODUCT PRICE: Regular rate for a one-hour story bank session is $125.  I offer a sliding scale to human trafficking survivors and their allies, as well as some non-profits.

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To expertly tell a story “off the cuff”, you have to prepare.  It’s counterintuitive, I know.  But the more prepared you are, the more spontaneous you can appear.  It just takes practice.

Let me help you mine your life for stories that can fit a variety of topics and situations.  You’ll create short stories that can be lengthened and long stories that can be shortened.  You’ll prepare stories that will make your audience laugh, cry, and connect with you.

When we’ve finished, you’ll have at least a handful of stories in your story bank.

Going forward, these are the stories that will save your life.  They’re what you’ll rely on when your computer crashes, you can’t access your Powerpoint, and it’s gonna be a little while before anything gets fixed.  Or when your co-presenter gets stuck in traffic and you have to start without her. Or maybe you’re at a professional dinner and the conversation is getting, ahem, awkward.

With your bank in place, you’ll feel more confident, knowing that you’re ready for whatever speaking surprise might come your way.


For Story Bank work,  we’ll meet using a video conferencing platform such as Skype or Zoom.  Each session runs about an hour. I also maintain a shared Google doc where I make notes and post instructions and links.

To book a session, first add this service to your cart with the button above and then pay with PayPal. Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I will send you a link through which you can easily choose a date and time to meet. You’ll then receive confirmation of our scheduled session. If you are interested in the sliding scale option, please get in touch here.