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In these highly individualized sessions, I’ll guide you through every step of your presentation, from brainstorming and developing your initial idea to delivering your speech with confidence.

PRODUCT PRICE: Regular rate for a one-hour speech coaching session is $125.  I offer a sliding scale to human trafficking survivors and their allies, as well as some non-profits.

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When working with clients individually, I like to begin with an assessment based on either a video of a previous speech or a short, live “sample” of a talk that the client has done or plans to do.  This gives me an idea of our starting point and what we need to work on going forward.

No matter your starting point, our work generally revolves around one or more of the following areas:

• Clarifying Your Message

We’ll talk about your knowledge of the topic, your experiences related to the topic, and your goals for this particular talk.  I’ll help you figure out what to say to achieve these goals, all the while remaining true to yourself and your vision.  That’s really important to me.

 Crafting and Organizing the Speech Itself

We’ll talk about how to start, what kind of support and examples to use, how to include stories within your talk, and how to structure your entire speech in a way that best suits your message.  I’ll also help you create slides using both text and images that will increase audience engagement.

• Developing an Effective Delivery

I’ll teach you specific strategies that will maximize the impact of your delivery.  We’ll work on areas like creating a strong onstage presence, using your voice for greater impact and specific aspects of body language, such as eye contact and movement.  We’ll also go over ways to manage and minimize fear.


I typically meet with clients using a video conferencing platform such as Skype or Zoom.  Each session runs about an hour. I also maintain a shared Google doc with the client where I make notes and post instructions and links.

To book a session, first add this service to your cart with the button above and then pay with PayPal. Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I will send you a link through which you can easily choose a date and time to meet. You’ll then receive confirmation of our scheduled session. If you are interested in the sliding scale option, please get in touch here.