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I’ll evaluate the slide deck of your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation and give you detailed feedback on how you can improve the text, images and overall style.

PRODUCT PRICE: Regular rate for up to 25 slides: $100.  I offer a sliding scale to human trafficking survivors and their allies, as well as some non-profits.

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A good slide deck will pass this 3-question test.  If yours doesn’t pass, I’ll give you suggestions for how to whip it into shape.

1. Have you created an attractive, cohesive look?  Beyond simply appearing professional, you want your slides to reflect you/your company, be easy to read, nice to look at, and have a consistent style from one slide to the next.  This involves careful use of templates, colors and fonts. It’s amazing what an improvement a few small changes can make!

2.  Have you chose the right content for each slide? Your slide deck should include engaging phrases (not lines of sentences punctuated with bullet points), images, audio and even video.  I’ll tell you where to pare down or add text, and when to use media to help get your message across.

3. Do your slides follow a logical, engaging flow?  Knowing how to order your slides is just as important as creating good ones in the first place. Let’s make sure that you  grab your audience’s attention from the start, transition them through the main points and arrive at a satisfying ending.


To get a slide deck critique, first add this service to your cart with the button above and then pay with PayPal.

Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I’ll send you some questions about your presentation, e.g., who is the intended audience? at what event will you be presenting?, etc. Send me your slide deck along with the answers to these questions, and I’ll respond within 10 days with a Word doc that provides detailed feedback and suggestions about how you can improve your deck.

If you are interested in the sliding scale option, please get in touch here.