How to Use Your Passion to Fight Human Trafficking

Lauren Trantham of

Lauren Trantham of

Yes, you really can do something you love and fight human trafficking at the same time.  This blog post provides a real-life example you won’t forget. Keep reading (and watching) to find out how one woman started with a broken heart and ended up on a cross country motorcycle ride that helped raise nearly $60,000.

In November 2018 I interviewed Lauren Trantham of Ride My Road, an organization that uses motorcycle events to increase awareness of sex trafficking and also raise money for anti-trafficking organizations.

She told me how she was inspired to get on her motorcycle and go on an epic road trip across the country after the devastating loss of her marriage.  We talked about the sex trafficking survivors that she photographed along the way, and how they helped her in the healing process.

We also talked about the work she’s been doing since that trip and what’s on the horizon.

I’m working on getting our interview uploaded to YouTube. In the meantime, you can watch it here .  When you’re done, ask yourself:  What is MY passion, and how can I do what I love and fight human trafficking at the same time?  If you’re not sure, hop on my Facebook page, @standupbegreat, and ask. I’m sure the community can help you come up with something!

If you know a friend who wants to join the movement, hit one of the share buttons. It’s going to take a whole lotta people to overcome this problem, but we can do it!